Parent Service and Fundraising Requirement


It is necessary to request help from each school family to provide necessary funds and services to Holy Name of Mary School. This will be achieved through the Family Hours Program.

The purpose of the hours program is as follows:

  • to evenly distribute the work load
  • to promote family participation
  • to promote school growth
  • to create community

The number of hours required by each family shall be 25 from July to June of each new school year. Single parent families are required to complete 12 hours. Families will be charge $20 for each hour not served. One hour of service will be given per family for each general PTG and Booster Club meeting attended.


The activities and/or projects that qualify for fulfillment of hours are:

  • Fundraisers Room Parent
  • PTG Meetings Hot Lunch Worker
  • PTG Officer Field Trips
  • Family Festival SCRIP Worker
  • Council Committee Member
  • Library
  • Health Room Volunteer Yard Duty
  • Booster Club Officer HNM Scout Leader
  • Booster Club Meetings Social Events
  • Sports Events Repairs/Maintenance
  • Religious Education Volunteer Aides

Any person who is part of the family of a child in this school may participate in the Family Hours Program. This includes mothers, fathers, step-parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, in-laws, cousins, brothers, or sisters. All participants must be 18 years of age or older.


Record keeping of hours shall be the duty of the Volunteer Hours Chairperson. The responsibility of reporting hours will be the responsibility of each family. Be sure to turn in your volunteer slips after each activity with the signature of the activity coordinator.

A contract must be signed stating how the hours obligation will be fulfilled.


Every Thursday, the weekly bulletin and pertinent information are sent home either electronically or with the oldest child in the family.


Please remember to submit your completed Volunteer Service Hours Slips to the school office as soon as you complete them.

You may download the VSH slip using the “Parents” tab. (download)

Also, it is encouraged that you periodically review the service hours posted to your account by logging into Schoolspeak.

Required Annual Family hours : 25 Hours (Single Parent :12 hours)

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