The students of Holy Name of Mary are encouraged to participate in Extracurricular Activities

California Junior Scholarship Foundation (CJSF)
Holy Name of Mary School has a chapter of CJSF, which is an affiliate of the California Scholarship Federation, a statewide organization. It was founded in 1967 for the purpose of fostering high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship in the junior high school grades (7 and 8). CJSF emphasizes service to the school and the community while creating pride in scholastic achievement. Its motto is "Scholarship for Service." Individual student membership is based on grades earned each trimester. A point system, specified in the State Constitution, establishes the membership requirements, which essentially state that students do very superior work in every subject.

Student Council
Holy Name of Mary School is a member of the Catholic Association of Student Councils (C.A.S.C.). The training of students in leadership is one of the priorities Holy Name of Mary School is a member of the Catholic Association of Student Councils (C.A.S.C.) The training of students in leadership is one of the priorities of the school. Students in grades 4-8 participate in elections and all students respect and cooperate with those elected. The officers on the student council must maintain a 2.0 GPA with no “D” or “F” on their report cards. Students must maintain a “B” or better (no B-) in Work Habits and Behavior. A drop in grades will result in removal until the following

Liturgical Ministries
The students of Holy Name of Mary are encouraged to serve our school by becoming part of one or more of the various Liturgical Ministries: Eucharistic Ministers–Grade 8; Lectors–Grades 5 through 8; Ushers–Grades7 and 8; Greeters–Grades K through 8.

Raider of the Year Award
Each year the Raider of the Year Award is given to an outstanding athlete on both the boys and girls varsity teams. To qualify for this award, a student must (a) be in the eighth grade, (b) have well-rounded ability and good sportsmanship, and (c) must participate in all of the sports as indicated: Boys – 1. Flag Football, 2. Basketball, 3. Track or Volleyball
Girls – 1. Volleyball, 2. Basketball, 3. Softball or Track Raider of the Year Award recipients are selected by the principal, vice principal, and the athletic director based on recommendations by the coaches.

Students in grades 3-8 may join the Parish Children’s Choir.

Altar Servers
Students may apply for the altar server program when they are in the 4th grade. The program is directed through the Pastoral Center. Participation in the altar server program requires a great deal of parental support for getting to the assigned Masses. If a student cannot serve at an assigned time, he/she is responsible for procuring a substitute.

Field Trips
Field trips are a wonderful educational opportunity. Unfortunately, upon occasion, the behavior of some of the students becomes disruptive to the volunteer driver, the educator and/or the docent. Our school philosophy calls each of us to be respectful and courteous at all times. To insure the safety and to facilitate the educational experience of each student, Holy Name of Mary School has developed the following accountability for students on field trips:

  • Behavior that is severe will have an immediate response, such as a call to a parent or the principal when possible, the student will be sent back to school.
  • We may recommend that the student, who has difficulty listening and/or following directions in the classroom, have a parent accompany them on field trips.
  • If a student's behavior has been disruptive on past field trips, the child will only attend a field trip if accompanied by a parent.
  • If no parent is available to attend the trip, the child will stay at school.
Throughout the year field trips are scheduled to offer students an opportunity to wide their experiences. Permission slips are required for these, and schedules for the trips will appear in the monthly calendar. We can only accept the official school written permission. Absolutely no phone permission will be accepted. Although there is a fee charged for field trips, the amount is not adequate to pay for buses for all events. Sometimes it is necessary for parents to provide transportation for these outings. A field trip driver form must be completed and on file in the office prior to driving. The office needs a copy of your current insurance declaration page and driver's license on file as well. No children other than those enrolled in HNM School are permitted to attend field trips. Parents' generosity and cooperation are asked in order to keep this program going. (See last page of handbook for field trip permission slip.)


Academic Decathlon
The decathlon is the largest junior high educational competition in Southern California featuring two team events: a rigorous logic quiz along with a super quiz finale that encompasses religion, literature, science, art, and geography. Individuals also face off in religion, math, social studies, science, fine arts, current events, literature, English, grammar and spelling.

The decathlon promotes academic preeminence and educational values at parochial schools, as well as cooperative learning skills, higher-order thinking and teamwork. Moreover, it celebrates the diversity and tradition of California’s Catholic schools.

Archdiocese of Los Angeles Academic Junior High Decathlon

STEM Program 
Click "here" to see our STEM club in action! We serve our community by doing service projects that include aspects of science, technology, engineering, and math. We also participate in a robotics competition at the end of the year. We have fun challenges like an egg drop, catapult build, and paper house construction with lights! We focus on the 3 C's, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. 
Our STEM clubs include:
STEM-robotics, science, technology, engineering, math
Girls Who Code-programming
Gardening Club-growing organic food using composting then sharing with the community 
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