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Faith is lived here at Holy Name of Mary. From religion taught each and everyday to the Friday Masses celebrated each week. We don't expect perfection but we strive to become better. Through lived examples, the students are encouraged to step out and see the vulnerable in our communities whether they are the homeless on the streets or the lonely in the classroom. We call out students to daily compassion and empathy and when they make mistakes we use our faith to guide them to better choices and a realization of the impact of their actions. Catholic education embodies the lived experience of faith.

Almost 60 years ago, the Sisters of St. Louis started this school and we, the Holy Name of Mary School community, are thankful for their dedication and service. In the same way we are grateful to the Sacred Heart Fathers of Jesus and Mary. Their charism of love and welcome permeate every inch of this parish community.

Christ is the reason for this school. His love and call to accept and teach children are the central focus of our mission. We try new things, we fail, we grow, and we try again and sometimes we are gloriously successful. We explore our world through all the curricular areas. We are blessed to provide a well-rounded education for our students. Some of our students excel in academics, some in sports, and others in the fine arts. In order to facilitate that growth, Holy Name of Mary School looks to provide educators who excel in their fields. Thus, the students’ gifts are nurtured and brought forth. 


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