New Family Application Form 2022-2023Application Form 2022-2023
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Welcome to The Notre Dame School
Thank you for your interest in joining The Notre Dame School community! We offer transformational, rigorous, and collaborative Catholic Education in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara.
As a faculty, it fills us with joy to collaborate with you in raising Saints. It is our expectation that our students take pride in the education they receive here; that they are proud to call themselves Saints and enjoy representing Notre Dame School everywhere they go; that they love learning for the sake of learning and hunger to pursue Truth each day they step foot on campus; that they look forward to spending time with Christ in the Mass and see prayer as a necessary component of their days -- in short, that they take great pride in being a Catholic school student.
We are committed to the education of the whole child, incorporating co-curricular activities and learning in a variety of modalities that includes apprenticeship style learning where students are both novice and expert in the classroom throughout their learning journey. I encourage you to call us to schedule a tour of campus during the school day -- when our community is most vibrant -- to see the many ways we provide student learning opportunities.
We look forward to your family becoming a part of our Notre Dame School family.
In Christ's Name,
Tim Flanagan

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