Faith Formation and Academics

Curricular Instruction in Family Life and Protection from Abuse

Family Life education is intended to provide a comprehensive view of human development and behavior, personal relationships, and the management of personal resources. In a Catholic school it is also of utmost importance to inculcate Catholic values, virtues, and attitudes that relate to the current family life of the student. Instruction on matters relating to family life is recommended for inclusion in each elementary school curriculum. Even though family life may be taught as a separate course in the elementary school, it shall be integrated where appropriate into religion, science, and social studies. All instruction is to be introduced when appropriate to the subject matter and in a manner suited to the understanding of the students.Formal instruction on the subject of human reproduction, through an orderly and comprehensive development of the topic, is principally the responsibility of the parents. Every effort shall be made to assist parents to discharge their obligation.

St. Philomena School follows the mandate of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles for the protection of children. A curriculum of two lessons a year, called Virtus Training, is taught via video presentation and discussion on how to protect oneself from abuse. Parents are provided with manual explaining the concepts, recognizing signs, and guidance to protect children.
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