Schoolwide Learning Expectations

St. Philomena School


Putting on the Mind and Heart of Christ




  1. Develop a personal relationship with God through prayer

  2. Know, explain, and practice Catholic faith and traditions

  3. Strive to do what Christ would do

  4. Pray memorized as well as spontaneous prayer

  5. Demonstrate understanding of and participates in the Mass, sacraments and other liturgical practices


  1. Set a good example and lead others to do good

  2. Support the church/community with their time, talent, and treasure

  3. Respect and actively take care of the environment

Rigorous Academics

  1. Show consistent effort to meet grade level expectations

  2. Read and take notes independently

  3. Demonstrate good study skills and organization

  4. Demonstrate basic computer skills

  5. Use technology responsibly and to enhance learning

Integrity and Honor

  1. Evaluate and express information accurately

  2. Express ideas, concerns, visions, and opinions clearly and effectively

  3. Live the virtues of honesty, truth and justice and help others to do the same

  4. Respect others’ opinions


  1. Take responsibility for their own actions

  2. Show respect and courtesy to others

  3. Communicate effectively and confidently

  4. Able to form positive relationships with others


  1. Effectively respond to and formulate questions that require higher-level thinking skills

  2. Logically evaluate social and political issues in light of Catholic moral values

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