Holy Trinity School forms:

1.Active Christians who:
A. Study and apply the teachings of Christ and demonstrate a moral conscience based on the             history of the Church.
B. Pray daily, attend mass, and participate in the sacraments.
C. Serve others in their school,homes, neighborhoods, and country.

2. Responsible Citizens who:
A. Demonstrate leadership.
B. Make decisions based on their love for God, family, fellow students, and their country.
C. Set and accomplish goals, and accept personal success and disappointments as growth       experiences.

3. Diligent Learners who:
A. Use effective study skills and technology to produce exceptional work.
B. Demonstrate mastery of Archdiocesan Curriculum Standards.
C. Listen attentively and apply problem-solving skills to their academic and social life.

4. Effective Communicators who:
A. Utilize technology appropriately.
B. Articulate and write ideas clearly,creatively, and effectively.
C. Demonstrate manners while listening respectfully and responding intelligently.

5. Creative Problem  Solvers who:
A. Learn rules and methods through observation, experimentation, and discovery to reach       solutions.
B. Appreciate different points of view and perspectives.
C. Respond appropriately to the rapidly changing events of everyday life.
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