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Dear Website Visitor,


Whether you are a parent or a student or simply an inquirer, we welcome you here to Holy Trinity School! I am sure as you spend some time with us you will discover what I have in my three years here – Holy Trinity is a very special place.


Being here at Holy Trinity brings back fond memories of my home parish, St. Margaret Mary in Lomita. I am one of four children and my parents sacrificed much to put us through Catholic elementary school at our parish. There, the parish school brought about a vibrant family life with bustling events and activities that brought energy and flavor to the entire parish. The formation in faith, virtue, and character that occurred there brightened and enhanced the entire community. The same is true here in our Atwater Village home. The “family atmosphere” that is provided in our school is beyond compare.


At Holy Trinity we take great pride in our Catholic identity. We firmly believe our mission as a Catholic school is to instill in all our students the lessons that will prepare them not only for academic and career success, but also for life success and ultimately prepare them for their eternal home in heaven – “forming saints and scholars.”


As pastor, one of the great joys in my week is the school Mass and other opportunities I have to interact with our students and faculty. I see with my own eyes the wonderful difference a Catholic school education can make. We are a family of faith, where the students are part of a larger school family; where they are taught the importance of caring for one another, showing respect for one another, and where they are taught to live out Jesus’ command to “love one another as I have loved you.”


Continue to explore our website, then I sincerely hope that you will come visit us and see for yourself the great things happening at Holy Trinity School! We would love to have you join the family.

God Bless,
Fr. Ricky  
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