Visitors to any Catholic school notice first of all that students are neatly and uniformly dressed. The requirement of wearing uniforms is not mere caprice,but is intended to enhance the educational environment. The Catholic community of Holy Trinity School is committed to developing in our youth a strong sense of Catholic identity and community. We do that by providing for their educational, spiritual, and developmental needs in an atmosphere of prayer and understanding. Our school dress code complements the teaching of order and discipline, provides for a less distracting environment, helps to develop a healthy self-concept for all students, and builds a sense of teamwork. We hope that our well-defined uniform dress code also helps discourage differences brought about by various income levels and reduces unnecessary peer pressure, allowing students to direct their attention to learning. The traditional uniform is a strong symbol of our Catholic heritage and Catholic image and promotes school pride both at and away from school. With our uniform and dress code, we strive to promote attitudes of moderation, modesty, neatness, cleanliness, and good taste.


It is a widely accepted belief that the appearance that a person presents says much about whom he/she is, and by extension, says much about our school environment. Students behave and study better when they are neat, clean, and appropriately dressed for school.Because the way we dress influences our behavior, it is important to always reflect our best selves.


Both the uniform and non-uniform dress code rules are to be interpreted in the spirit of the law as well as the letter of the law that is to say, attire is to be consistent with expectations of an environment reflecting a disciplined, traditional Catholic community.


It is the responsibility of parents to see that their children adhere to both the “spirit and the letter” of all regulations regarding dress code. Our school’s dress code is clearly defined. We ask that parents support the school’s philosophy by helping their children adhere to the dress code rules. When purchasing your children’s school wardrobe,please be certain that the articles of clothing you buy are in compliance with the dress code. You send your children to our Catholic school for good reasons. One of those reasons is the greater structure and discipline we require to enable the learning experience. Our dress code helps provide that structure. Your cooperation and support in this matter is very much appreciated.


Holy Trinity School students are required to wear the complete uniform. School uniforms may be purchased from Dennis Uniforms.


It is the parents’ responsibility to see that students leave home dressed in appropriate uniform, and on non-uniform dress days, in appropriate dress.Any clothing or hairstyle that is associated with gang culture is expressly prohibited.


Issues relating to dress or appearance of a student that are not specifically mentioned in this handbook, but are inconsistent with the school’s regulations, may be deemed unacceptable at the discretion of the principal. Any student who is not in compliance with the dress code will receive a Uniform Infraction. The school reserves the right at all times to determine whether or not a student is appropriately dressed and groomed. The principal reserves the right to request any student to change attire, to regulate against certain fashions, and to confiscate any items when it is deemed necessary. Parents may be required to bring an appropriate change of clothes to school if a student is inappropriately dressed. Students who repeatedly violate the dress code are subject to disciplinary action.

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