Safeguard the Children

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has mandated that all adults who work with or around children in any capacity must know how to recognize and prevent child sexual abuse by attending a "Protecting God's Children" VIRTUS awareness session. All paid staff and parish volunteers are required to attend a VIRTUS Training class as well as be fingerprinted with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles "Livescan" program.

Prayer for Children
Lord, giver of light, and hope, you have entrusted your children to our care. We cherish their love and energy for life. Help us to help them be people of strength, character, and integrity. Share with us the love that will guide their hearts. Share with us the courage that will shape their future. Be the light that guides them - and us to your glory and goodness.

Every effort is made to assure that all persons ministering in the Archdiocese are aware of and will abide by the policies prohibiting sexual harassment, exploitation or abuse, and of the procedures for dealing with incidents of sexual misconduct.

School personnel are screened for their ability to work safely with children, are provided information to help recognize and deal with issues of child sexual abuse, and are offered guidance and instruction on appropriate professional conduct with students.

All seminarians and candidates for the diaconate go through an extensive evaluation and psychological assessment before entering formation. After ordination, priests and deacons receive ongoing training on maintaining the integrity of the ministerial relationship.

Every person has the right to be respected and treated with the dignity befitting a child of God. Every person has the right to having appropriate boundaries respected. Every person has the right to challenge any behavior or comment that is offensive or inappropriate. It is the responsibility of everyone to protect the safety of children, families, women and men, and to promote healing where there is injury with firm justice and mercy towards all.

“The Light Shines in the Darkness and the Darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5)




Requirements for Parish Clergy, Staff and Volunteers


Protecting God's Children -Original VIRTUS Class

VIRTUS® Protecting God's Children Adult Awareness Session is a three-hour training that helps clergy, staff, volunteers and parents to understand the facts and myths about child sexual abuse; how perpetrators operate; and how caring adults can take five important steps to keep children safe. The parent session also stresses monitoring of computers, cell phones and other technology that perpetrators use to gain access to children and young people.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles mandates this training for all adults working with children. This education component helps prevent child sexual abuse by first making every adult employee and volunteer aware of the issues surrounding child sexual abuse. This includes awareness of the many ways sexual abuse harms its victims, their families, the parish, and the community. The awareness session also helps adults learn to recognize the warning signs of abuse and shows them the appropriate way to respond to suspicious behavior. Finally, the awareness session empowers each person with five steps to help prevent child sexual abuse. More than 50,000 priests, deacons, parish and school staff members and volunteers have already participated in these sessions throughout the five Pastoral Regions of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Our goal is to provide this training to all adults who work with children so we can work together as a more effective community to prevent child sexual abuse.

No trainings are currently scheduled for Holy Trinity – classes will be scheduled for September and October.
The class is 3 hours. Immediately after the class, you will receive a certificate of completion (valid for four years). You are also required to submit a copy of this certificate to the parish office as well as to the head of any ministry in which you volunteer. After your class, you should register with VIRTUS Online (see link below).      
Generally speaking, the school hosts two classes and two renewal classes in the fall of each year.  If those are not convenient to your schedule, simply go online to find an upcoming VIRTUS Class in our area.  

      Go to:

      Select "registration" on the left side of screen

      Select "view list of sessions"

      Select "Los Angeles-San Fernando Region" location

This will take you to all the upcoming VIRTUS classes offered in our area. It will aqlso give you the phone number to register for the class.


To register after taking the Original VIRTUS Class

      Go to:

      Select "registration" on the left side of screen

      Select "begin the registration process"

      Follow information on screen to input your information


Keeping the Promise Alive - Recertification VIRTUS Class

This class is available to those who have taken the original class. This class lasts 1 1/2 hours. You will receive a certificate of completion and you are also required to submit a copy to the parish office as well as to the head of any ministry in which you volunteer.


The Master List of Virtus Certificates is on File at Holy Trinity School Office

Make a report : If you are being abused, have been abused, or know someone who is being abused, you can call Victims Assistance Ministry at (800) 355-2545 or seek help through one of many agencies. Click for more info .

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