Holy Trinity School is Accredited by WCEA and WASC

This is the year of our accreditation visit. A Visiting Committee of six will visit in February to validate who we are as a school community. The faculty and staff have spent many hours evaluating our programs through data collection and analysis. During this process, we have identified our strengths and areas to focus on for professional development and resources over the next few years. During their visit, the committee will see that our students are quickly becoming active Christians, responsible citizens, diligent learners, effective communicators, and creative problem solvers. The mission of Holy Trinity School as a Catholic educa tional community of excellence i nspired by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, an d called to form “saints and scholars is a reality every day on this campus.


Holy Trinity School is accredited by both the Western Catholic Educational Association and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Not every school or district can or does complete the accreditation process. In addition to assessing the Catholic identity of the school (specific to the WCEA protocol), the process involves looking at multiple measures: test scores, student satisfaction, parent satisfaction, graduation rates, and acceptance rates at Catholic High Schools (or into honor programs in other high schools). Staff education level, experience, willingness to participate in ongoing professional development, assessment of students and the curriculum, teaching methods and resource management are also part of to the evaluation that determines the next steps for the school and leads to a successful accreditation visit. We are looking forward to finishing the Self Study document this month and hosting the Visiting Committee in February. Holy Trinity is an amazing school with great teachers, students, parents, and support, and we will be proud to show it off.



Accreditation is a process of ongoing school improvement. Our ultimate goal is the highest student achievement for our students, and we want always to be on the road to improvement. As the school prepares for our Accreditation visit in 2018, we want to share the process with you as we proceed.


Holy Trinity School is a ministry of Holy Trinity Parish. Our school mission statement is: Holy Trinity School is a Catholic educational community of excellence. Inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, and called to follow his example, we are dedicated to the spiritual, academic, and social development of our students, forming “saints and scholars.”



Annually the school reviews its mission, philosophy, and Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs). These are the learning outcomes that students should know, understand, value, and be able to exhibit by graduation. These SLEs represent the focus of our entire school community. Holy Trinity’s SLEs are printed below.


Holy Trinity Schoolforms:

Active Christians who:

Demonstrate a moral conscience based on the teachings of Christ.

Pray daily, attendmass, and participate in the sacraments.

Serve others in their school, homes, neighborhoods, and country.

Responsible Citizens who:

Demonstrate leadership.

Make decisions based on their love for God, family, fellow students,and their country.

Set and accomplish goals,and accept personalsuccess and disappointments as growthexperiences.

Diligent Learnerswho:

· Use effective study skills and technology to produce exceptional work.

· Demonstrate masteryof the curriculum standards.

· Listen attentively and apply problem-solving skillsto their academic and social life.

· Critically analyze information presented through media

Effective Communicators who:

Articulate and write ideas clearly,creatively, and effectively.

Demonstrate mannerswhile listening respectfully and responding intelligently.

Analyze different points of view to enhance personal perspectives and develop empathy

Creative Problem Solvers who:

Apply rules and methods learned through observation, experimentation, and collaboration to reach solutions.

§ Respond appropriately to the rapidly changing events of everyday life



Holy Trinity Catholic School is always seeking the best and most effective ways to educate children for the 21st century, infusing this education with a strong and vital Catholic identity, while supporting parents in their role as the primary educators of their children. Every six years we have the opportunity for a very specific Self Study process leading to the re-accreditation of the school. During this process the school will involve all of its shareholders – faculty, staff, parents, students, and parishioners – in this process using a specific protocol outlined by the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA). In the January 2018, a Visiting Committee from WCEA will review our Self Study document, including our Action Plan, for ongoing improvement, and will determine our accreditation status for the next six years. Throughout the year, we will be keeping you informed about this Self Study and Accreditation process. We welcome your support, your feedback, and your prayers for the success of this process. 


Our journey toward re-accreditation continues. We are finalizing our timeline for the WCEA accreditation visit scheduled for February 20 – 22, 2018. This week the faculty sent the finalized document to press. This document represents work completed over the last three years and contains an action plan that is focused on continuous school improvement over the next five years. We look forward to sharing this process with you.  


Happy New Year!  This coming week the school is delighted to host our visiting Accreditation Team from the Western Catholic Education Association. The team will be visiting us on Tuesday to see our beautiful school and parish and begin to get to know us. We ask for your prayers as we continue our journey through the accreditation process. We look forward to sharing the outcome of this visit with you.  
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