Let it be known to all who enter here
that Jesus Christ is the reason for this school,
the unseen but ever-present teacher in all its classes,
the model of its faculty, and the inspiration for its students.
 Welcome to Holy Trinity Parish School

Holy Trinity School is a Catholic educational community of excellence. Inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, and called to follow his example, we are dedicated to the spiritual, academic, and social development of our students, forming “saints and scholars.”

News & Events
  • New iPad Program for 2017-18!
    Last year, we applied for two separate but related technology grants sponsored by Sprint, Apple, and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles – C3 for wireless infrastructure and C3 Ignite for student, teacher, and classroom technology devices. I am pleased to announce that we received BOTH! The wireless infrastructure – including drop data lines for all classrooms – will be installed this summer, simultaneous with the Shea Family Charities facility improvements. This will include a state of the art computer network that allows us to have complete wireless access on all Wi-Fi enabled devices. The C3 Ignite grant will then supply the school with 150 brand new iPads for student use. This will enable primary grades to use the devices in centers and will facilitate 1:1 student use in the intermediate and middle school grades. With these new devices (which are supported by Apple, Sprint, and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in a 2 year complete replacement program) and a sound infrastructure, teachers will be able to establish true blended learning environments for our children. This is so exciting! This will truly transform teaching and learning on a daily basis.  For more information on this great program - click here.  
  • Cheaper than Daycare -
    TK is the way to go!
    What exactly is “TK”? TK is Transitional Kindergarten and is designed specifically for four-year-olds or children who do not quite meet the cut-off date for kindergarten. as a bridge between preschool and kindergarten. At Holy Trinity, we focus on nurturing the child as a whole, to foster independence, creativity, and a love of learning. Our curriculum integrates religion, fine and gross motor skills, sensory and problem solving, music, science, arts and crafts, dance and movement. We provide every child in our care the opportunity to create and learn in a caring environment, while teaching concepts that include: number and letter recognition, colors, shapes, name writing, and skills such as patterns, sequencing, and opposites. And we do all of this for about one-third the cost of daycare! Come and see what we can do to help your family!
  • Homework Club Returns!
    Homework Club will be back in action starting in September!   We all know that homework is an important part of learning and in helping your child grow in independence. But when it becomes a battle zone at home – or your child forgets materials at school, it can mean real difficulty for a family. At Holy Trinity School we know this and we are committed to working in partnership with families to support them. We offer FREE Homework Club after school three days a week to give your child – and family – the extra support needed to succeed. That’s all part of what you receive when you are part of the HT School Family.
  • Holy Trinity School is Accredited by WCEA and WASC

    This is the year of our accreditation visit. A Visiting Committee of six will visit in February to validate who we are as a school community. The faculty and staff have spent many hours evaluating our programs through data collection and analysis. During this process, we have identified our strengths and areas to focus on for professional development and resources over the next few years. During their visit, the committee will see that our students are quickly becoming active Christians, responsible citizens, diligent learners, effective communicators, and creative problem solvers.   The mission of Holy Trinity School as a Catholic educa tional community of excellence i nspired by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, an d called to form “saints and scholars is a reality every day on this campus.


    Holy Trinity School is accredited by both the Western Catholic Educational Association and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Not every school or district can or does complete the accreditation process. In addition to assessing the Catholic identity of the school (specific to the WCEA protocol), the process involves looking at multiple measures: test scores, student satisfaction, parent satisfaction, graduation rates, and acceptance rates at Catholic High Schools (or into honor programs in other high schools). Staff education level, experience, willingness to participate in ongoing professional development, assessment of students and the curriculum, teaching methods and resource management are also part of to the evaluation that determines the next steps for the school and leads to a successful accreditation visit. We are looking forward to finishing the Self Study document this month and hosting the Visiting Committee in February. Holy Trinity is an amazing school with great teachers, students, parents, and support, and we will be proud to show it off.

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