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Parent-Teacher Conferences

During the year parent teacher conferences are scheduled at the time the first and second report cards are distributed.  Conferences may also be scheduled through the year as the teacher and/or parents deem it necessary. To schedule an appointment, a parent must contact the school office or send the teacher a note requesting such a meeting.  Parents may not confer with teachers during school time, on the playground, at dismissal time while students are still in the room, nor may they do so at any other time without previous arrangement with the teacher.  While teachers are willing to discuss a child’s progress or address parental concerns, they are not able to do so while responsible for teaching or supervising students, and, normally, an  appointment is required. Parents are asked not to visit teachers in the faculty room; the faculty room is private and therefore off limits to all but faculty and staff.  The principal is available to confer with parents by phone or in person, at times without an appointment, time permitting.  However, since she frequently visits classrooms and other school locations, there is no guarantee, without a previous appointment, that she will be available when parent/guardians.

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