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Homework and make-up work

Homework is given for the express purpose of reinforcing skills and concepts taught in class.  It is important, therefore, that all assigned homework be done by all students daily and brought in the following day or whenever it is due.  Negligence in doing homework assignments will necessarily have a damaging effect on report card grades.  Parents can do much to aid their child’s progress through proper supervision of homework.  At home, parents should provide a suitable time, place, and atmosphere conducive to learning; encourage their child to be neat, accurate, and thorough in doing their assignments, and to devote sufficient time to their study assignments as well as to written tasks, helping them, if necessary, but not doing the homework for them.  The amount of homework given will depend on the grade level; the time required will depend largely on a child’s study habits and ability.  All students in Grades 1-8 are required to have a St. Dominic Savio School Assignment Book, purchased at school. Students are expected to copy their assignments in it daily.  Parents are requested to check the Assignment Book and homework to determine if all assignments have been completed.  Please review any study work assigned to your child/ren.  Reviewing helps to determine how much the child recalls and how prepared s/he is for the next day of school.   Persistent negligence in doing homework assignments can jeopardize a child’s promotion as well as re-enrollment status.


Make-Up Work 

S tudents are required to make up all work that has been missed.  It is the responsibility of students and parents to see that make-up work is completed.  Incomplete work will have a damaging effect on quarterly grades.  A student is in danger of failing a subject if the required work is not handed in within the allotted time. 



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