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Report Cards

The current grading system of the Los Angeles Archdiocese is used at St. Dominic Savio. With the incorporation of the Common Core Standards, there will be a fluctuation in the grading system. As changes are determined, students, parents/guardians will be notified. At this time, the marking code is as follows:

Kinder through 8th Grade :      


For Conduct and Work Habits:

O = Outstanding; G = Good; NI = Needs Improvement; U = Unsatisfactory

For Academic Subjects:

(4) E – Exceeds Mastery:  Assessments indicate a student has surpassed the mastery level by exhibiting in-depth knowledge and skills; student has exceeded expectations and has demonstrated an ability to apply or relate mastery level of the standard to life settings by using critical thought andcreativity.

(3) M – Mastery:  Assessments indicate a student understands, demonstrates, uses and applies knowledge and skills to meet the standard. Student has not exceeded level of mastery, and is yet to demonstrate an ability to apply or relate standard to life settings.

(2) AM – Approaching Mastery : Assessments indicate a student has insufficient understanding, use, and application of knowledge and skills to meet the standard and/or is notconsistent in applying skills in the learning area.

(1) N – Not Mastered:  Assessments indicate a student has not acquired the understanding, use and application of the basic knowledge and skills of the standard.

Because the School is on Trimesters, Report cards are issued three times a year. Parents are asked to give importance to the child’s work habits and behavior as well as to academic achievement. Report cards are to be signed and returned within three school days.   There is a $5.00 replacement fee for lost or misplaced report cards. It is the responsibility of the Parents/Guardians to review their child’s report card and return them to school in a timely manner.


Progress Reports

Progress reports are available on-line for all students in the middle of each trimester to keep parents informed of student grades and overall conduct at that point. Parents are to give great importance to these reports, encouraging students to work for Mastery in all subject areas and standards. Please note: Mid-trimester progress reports are to be signed on-line as “having read”.



Although the opinions of the teacher and parents are given careful consideration, the final decision to retain or not to retain a pupil is the prerogative of the principal.

The decision to promote a pupil to the next grade or to retain him/her in the present grade should be based upon careful consideration. Consideration will include overall maturity and the welfare of the pupil; academic, emotional, and social factors; and the student’s capacity to function adequately in the next grade. In the event that a student, by the end of the 2nd appears not to be making sufficient progress for eventual promotion, the teacher in communication with the principal, will inform the parents of the situation and the possibility of retention.Parents, however, can readily judge from report cards and progress report grades if a child is doing adequate work. AM’s and N’s are indicative of a problematic situation that should be addressed before it is too late. Parents should make it a point to apply needed remedies, including outside tutoring if necessary. They should confer with the teacher and monitor the child’s progress closely, paying special attention to weekly online reports as well as progress reports.
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