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Registration Fee:

(Non-refundable) $175 per child plus $100.00 Fiesta tickets (must be paid in advance). Late fees are applied after the published due date.  This payment holds your child’s place until June 1st. General Fees are due on June 10th.


General Fee:

$350 per child due on June 10th, $25 added to General Fee if paid after June 10th. If General Fees are not paid in June, it will indicate that your child is not returning and there is a possibility that your place will be given to a new  family. Late fees are applied after the published due date. The general fee is non-refundable. General Fees covers: consumable workbooks, supplementary materials, computer fee, library fee, assemblies, school handbook/calendar, and student insurance.


The July tuition payment is your final indication that your child is returning.  Again, if the General Fees are not paid in June and the July tuition is not paid on time, it will indicate that your child is not returning and we will give the place to new families. New families have two weeks after the date of acceptance letter to register and pay the annual fees. The child’s enrollment cannot be guaranteed beyond the two week period.


Tuition Rates

Tuition is divided into 11 monthly installments.

Payment Option 1 : Tuition may be paid in full by July 2018 to receive a $100 discount.

Option 2 : Monthly tuition installment must be paid every 5th of the month from July-May of Automatic Bank Payment contracted with Farmer & Merchants Bank ACH through the School Account. Penalty of $30 is charged if payment is not received by the draft date – the 5th on each month.

Parents are responsible to contact the Principal between the 1st and 5th of the month if tuition payments are not possible. Students with unpaid tuition are ineligible to take any tests and exams and to further attendance until the balance is cleared.


Regular Tuition Rates                                               Monthly           Yearly

Transitional Kinder (per child)                                           $498                 $5,478                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Family Rates Gr. TK-8 (Excluding Pre-K)

1 child: Basic                                                                     $483                 $5,313

2 children: Basic + 2nd 10% discount                               $918               $10,098

3 children: Basic + 2nd 10% + 3rd 20%                           $1,304              $14,344

For each additional child (add 50% of Basic)                  $242                 $2,662


Parish Tuition Rate s                                                   Monthly          Yearly

Transitional Kinder (per child)                              $448            $4,928

Family Rates Gr. K-8 

1 child:    Basic                                                                 $433                 $4,763

2 children (Basic + 2nd 10% discount)                             $823                 $9,053

3 children (Basic + 2nd 10% + 3rd 20%)                        $1,169               $12,859

For each additional child add (50% of Basic)                  $217                $2,387


Parish Tuition Rate Guidelines

Parish rate is granted to registered and contributing parishioners.To be eligible for the parish tuition rate families must:

  • Attend Mass weekly (a minimum of 20 Sundays in January-June and 20 in July-December) at St. Dominic Savio Church
  • Contribute at least $7 in the weekly collection basket, using parish-provided envelopes.  If you are not using the parish envelope with the red stripe, your envelope must be marked ‘school family’ with family last name and envelope number clearly marked. Place a red stripe at the top of the temporary envelope. 


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