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Our Savio Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is patterned after the model constitution and by-laws set forth by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The PTO’s function is to raise funds for the school’s current operational expenses, assist the School Administration in raising necessary funds to enhance our educational program, promote parental support for the school program and is a means of unifying and strengthening the school community. The membership of thePTO shall include the pastor, the principal, the parents or legal guardians, and the faculty of the school, where applicable.  Officers of the PTO Board are normally appointed in May for a one-year term. The first meeting of the PTO officers takes place at the beginning of September. The Principal then assigns the role of each member and the activities and events the PTO will help coordinate.Financial operation of a parent or PTO shall be governed by the regulations for financial operations as found in the parent or PTO by laws.

The PTO and its officers do not have the authority to act independently on behalf of the school or parish.  They are not “agents” of the school or parish and any actions taken must receive the official written approval of the pastor and/or the principal as the case may be.


PTO Meetings

Ordinarily, PTO meetings are held four times a year usually in September, November, February, and April.  These meetings offer an opportunity for communication and growth and keep parents informed and involved in the life of the school.  PTO meetings are not optional but are an obligation, which all parents assume in signing a contract and enrolling their children in this school.  At least one parent from each family is expected to be present at each PTO meeting.    If circumstances make attendance impossible, parents should notify the Principal in writing prior to the meeting. A $25 no-show fee will be charged.  Children are not to attend PTO meetings, since these meetings are geared to parents, not to children.

 PTO meetings do not apply to the required school service hours.


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