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Student Learning Expectations



In the spirit of St. John Bosco, as Salesian youth we aim to integrate Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness into our lives and our relationships with others.


At St. Dominic Savio Salesian School,


We are Catholic Christians who…

·         Know the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church

·         Take responsibility for our actions and make informed moral choices

·         Honor Mary as our mother

·         Promote a culture of life

·         Develop a relationship with God through a variety of prayer forms

·         Participate in the sacramental life of the Church


We are Academic Achievers who

·         Develop organizational and study skills

·         Know how to access and use information

·         Think critically and creatively

·         Put forth effort and demonstrate an interest in learning

·         Exhibit high standards of knowledge and strive to achieve mastery of the curriculum


We are Community Contributors who…

·         Show respect and concern for all adults, peers and cultures

·         Acknowledge and appreciate the gifts and talents of others

·         Are aware of current events and their effects on the world

·         Work for justice through Catholic Social Teachings

·         Take care of the earth and its resources

·         Prepare to take our place as responsible citizens through Christian service


We are Effective Communicators who…

·         Read, write, speak and listen reflectively and critically

·         Clearly articulate thoughts through written and spoken word

·         Respect and consider the ideas and opinions of others

·         Use communication skills to resolve conflict peacefully and patiently

·         Work collaboratively as team members


We are Temples of the Holy Spirit who…

·         Dignify our bodies in appearance and action

·         Develop healthy eating habits

·         Know basic athletic skills and demonstrate sportsmanship

·         Participate regularly in exercise



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