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We believe that the specific function of St. Dominic Savio School is to contribute to the harmonious development of the wholestudent, thus we strive to prepare our students “to open themselves more and more to reality and to form in them, a clear idea of life.”[1]  We aim to guide the young to acquire the basic tools needed for continuing their Catholic formation andeducation therebylaying the foundations for a useful productive life.  We aim also to lead them gradually to exercise right judgment, make free and responsible choices, and use their gifts and talents in service of others.”[2]


We look upon each student as an individual lovingly created and redeemed by God.  We recognize that “parents are the first and foremost educators of their children.”[3] Our purpose then, as Catholic educators, is to serve as partners of the parents”[4] facilitating the education ofour students and “promoting the welfare of society by preparing them to work to advance the reign of God.”[5]


We endeavor to animate the entire educating community, students, parents, teachers, staff, Sisters, clergy and other parish leaders, so that together we can “integrate religious truth and values with life.”[6]   We strive toform in students a sense of belonging, not only to the school, but also to the parish, the neighborhood, the local civic community, and the world.”[7]   We believe that with this sense of belonging our students will “begin to respond to the obligation of Christian service through joint action.”[8]

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