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Field Trips

 A class is allowed two field trips per year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Some guidelines include:

    • The principal must be notified about a field trip at least 2 weeks prior

    • Expenditures should be cleared with the Principal.

    • Preferably during the month of May there should be no field trip scheduled except for the Graduation Trip and trips to reward students

    • No trips will be scheduled on feast days since the school should be celebrating these days as a family.

    • There must be sufficient preparation, follow-up, and specific educational goals for students for each field trip

    • Field trips are a privilege and students may be kept at school if they do not meet academic and/or behavioral requirements.

    • Teachers may require a parent to accompany a child if there are concerns about the child’s health or safety because of behavior.

    • Each field trip must be accompanied by sufficient number of chaperones.

    • All chaperones must be at least 21 years of age, Virtus Certified and fingerprinted (all documentation must be in the office 2 weeks prior to the field trip).  The number of chaperones in grades K-3 is 1 for every 5. In grades 4-8 for 1 for every 8.

    • Siblings and unauthorized visitors shall not attend class field trips.

    • Chaperones should include men and women, to address restroom supervision concerns. No one should be alone with a child.

    • Field trips are usually taken on buses, except if the trip is to a nearby area. Students may walk or be driven by parents locally.

    • Arrangements for transportation will be made through the office.

    • All students must have school issued permission slips duly signed and returned to the teacher on time. Teachers are to verify to the best of their ability that all signatures are valid. Phone calls are not accepted in lieu of a permission form. A fax will be accepted if it is done on the school form. All monies must be turned in prior to the trip date.

    • All money collected by the teacher must be turned in to the office on a daily basis.

    • School checks will be issued for any expenses.

    • It is the responsibility of the teacher to make sure all other necessary arrangements for the trip are made.

    • A parent may request that their child not go on a trip by writing a note of explanation to the principal. If a student is not going, he/she will either stay home or go to another classroom, depending on the circumstances.

    • First aid kits are mandatory on all field trips. Snakebite kits are required on any field trips where snakes may be encountered (per state law).

    • Since a field trip is a school project and a learning experience, school uniforms should be worn.

    • Teachers must supervise students upon returning from the trip and wait until all students have been picked up by their parents or designated persons.

      Every teacher must organize in the course of the school year at least one educational field trip for their homeroom class.





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